Port creative hub

Port creative hub is an artistic base for cultural expression, located on Podil. It is a space for creativity, communication and networking. Port facilitates collaboration between diverse groups of people who can acquire social as well as monetary benefit when integrating into the Port community.


Port is also a platform for interaction between the artistic elements of the society. One of our goals is to promote communication through contemporary art. We encourage young contemporary artists to pursue their work within our space.


Our city needs a cultural way to express itself, and it is our mission at Port creative hub to provide just 


Port is located in the harbor of Dnipro river, at the Podol district. It situated on the second floor of the industrial building of 1960th, which, in Soviet times, served as a stockroom of Ukrainian River Port. In past it was used to store grain, salt, wine and other goods. Thanks to the the project of revitalisation the space has found life again. But in order to work not with products and goods, but knowledge and 


The total usable area is 105 square meters. From the equipment we offer 2x3 meter screen, projector, microphone, speakers, directed light and chairs. The space welcomes 120 people in a party format and 80 in the lecture format with chairs. 
Art Management team might deliver services on event production on request.



Ukraine, Kyiv

10-a, Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street





Regarding rent and partnership, please contact:

+38 063 749 6935 Maryna

+38 063 036 61 91 Valeriya